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  • Item No.:Had-151007
  • Payment:T/T,L/C,Negotiable
  • Description:
  • Clearcraneˇs advantagebr / 1. We hold many international advanced technology patents, such as streaming media adaptive technology, time-shift broadcast technology, / br / 2. We have the strongest R & D capability and the most reliable technical support, our technical team comes from...
  • Digital Pen Note taker hand writing input PC device
  • Item No.:Dad-151006
  • Payment:T/T,L/C,Negotiable
  • Description:
  • Mobile note taker (or digital pen)--- portable handwritingbr / capture device using handwritingbr / recognition technology to capture your hand writing notes,br / drawings, sketches anytime, anywherebr / then upload, file, email your handwriting notes, drawings,br / sketches once conn...
Digital Pen Note taker hand writing input PC device
  • WiFi Internet Radio
  • Item No.:Wad-151005
  • Payment:T/T,L/C,Negotiable
  • Description:
  • Immediate access to over 5,000 internet radio streams br / Search by country or genre br / Stereo sound from twin drivers br / Access to the BBC "Listen Again" services br / Real Media, MP3 and WMA compatible br / Play music stored on your PC or Mac br / Supports insert card functi...
WiFi Internet Radio
  • CLEAR IPTV interactive TV streaming media server
  • Item No.:Cad-151004
  • Payment:T/T,L/C,Negotiable
  • Description:
  • The composition of the whole systembr / Hardware: including live/time-shift streaming media servers, file servers, video on demand servers and multimedia devices (IP set-top boxes). Streaming media server responsible for the TV video signals in the collection, coding, compression, real-time to re...
CLEAR IPTV interactive TV streaming media server
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