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  • Presentation (Product)
  • Item No.:Pad-163132
  • Payment:T/T,L/C,Negotiable
  • Description:
  • Projecting ones ideas with our imagesbr / br / By many kinds of 3D softwares, we make a large number of 3D computer modelings and offer many sorts of perspectives, such as atmosphere, bird's-eye views, conceptual, interior views, landscaping, night views, photorealistic, residential housing an...
Presentation (Product)
  • electronic Accessories-Voodoo 3D Card
  • Item No.:Ead-163131
  • Payment:T/T,L/C,Negotiable
  • Description:
  • 3Dfx Interactive`s first 2/3D intergrated chip Voodoo Bansheebr / Full featured 128-bit BitBit 2D engine, max resolution 1600 x x1200 with 32-bit true colorbr / 128-bit 3D rendering and 3D texture mapping, up to 1400 3D Winmark testedbr / Software DVD acceleratedbr / NTSC/PAL TV out supp...
electronic Accessories-Voodoo 3D Card
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